光合訊科技 (GIP Technology Corporation)自2013年即加入「國研院太空中心」主導的「四軸全抗輻光纖光源」產品開發專案,並成為主要合作夥伴之一,此「全抗輻光纖光源」是研發「太空級光纖陀螺儀」的關鍵元件.此產品在2014年獲得德國紐倫堡發明展社會組金牌獎後,緊接著又在2015年再度榮獲美國有發明奧斯卡之稱及全球產品創新重要指標R&D 100 Awards的得獎認証 (IT/Electrical 項目),正式成為全世界最具創造力與競爭力百大研發產品之一。

(相關訊息請參閱以下連結: 國研院太空中心自主研發衛星技術「全抗輻射光纖光源」榮獲全球百大科技研發獎 )

有了這些殊榮和肯定, 光合訊科技 (GIP) 在2017年再次被「國研院太空中心」選定為獵風者衛星(Triton)內的太空級光纖陀螺儀執行廠商之一,負責抗輻射光纖光源製作,並順利通過所有嚴苛的太空測試規範. 獵風者衛星(Triton)也在2023年10月9日順利升上太空並開始運作。

隨著獵風者衛星(Triton)升空, 更加確認光合訊科技 (GIP) 於太空產業的研製能力,更高興地宣布我們已正式進入太空產業,未來光合將持續推出太空通訊產業的各種相關產品,期許為台灣太空探索的需求和產業提供更多太空規等級的產品。


GIP has been involved in the "4-port rad-hard fiber light source" product development project led by TASA (formerly the National Space Organization) since 2013 and emerged as a key partner in the project. This "radiation-hardened fiber light source" is a crucial component in the development of "space-grade fiber optic gyroscope." After receiving the Gold Medal Award at the 2014 iENA, the product received further recognition in 2015, winning the prestigious R&D 100 Awards in the IT/Electrical category. This marked its official recognition as one of the top 100 most creative and competitive research and development products worldwide.

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With these accolades and acknowledgments, in 2017, GIP was once again selected by TASA as one of the suppliers responsible for producing radiation-hardened fiber light source for the Triton satellite. GIP successfully passed all rigorous space environment tests. The Triton satellite was successfully launched into space on October 9, 2023, and has begun its operations.

With the launch of the Triton satellite, GIP's capabilities in the space industry have been further validated. We are delighted to announce that we have officially entered the space industry. In the future, GIP will continue to introduce various space-related products, aiming to provide more space-grade products to meet the demands and requirements of Taiwan's space exploration and industry.


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