About GIP
About GIP

GIP's Company Profile

GIP Technology Corporation, located in Taipei Taiwan, is initially founded in 1999 by a highly experienced management team and with the objective of becoming a leading company committed to offer advanced and high-quality optical products.

Being an ISO 9001 certificated company, GIP Technology designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for the telecommunication, industry, and research applications.  GIP technical team owns the requisite technology expertise, passion, and innovation to meet the market demands.  This allows GIP to be steadily gaining the good record and reputation in some specific markets.

Stepping into the new eco era, GIP Technology will not only constantly improve its technologies and products, but will be more aggressively to establish the technical collaboration with advanced and friendly universities, laboratories, and companies globally in order to continue offering the new products in the Green, Information, and Photonics fields.  GIP will maintain the same attitude to learn from our customers, partners, or even the competitors to make ourselves stronger and more excellent.  To be a reliable partner, GIP will try the best to bright our customers.


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