GIP's Milestone

May 2022 First 1064nm 4kW developed
Sep 2021 532nm green laser system launched to the market

Nov 2020 Acquire NSPO 1064nm 2mJ pulse fiber laser project for satellite LIDAR application
Oct 2019 Acquire Government support to develop 1064nm 4kW fiber laser project for industrial application
Jun 2019 Acquire NSPO 1064nm 200uJ pulse fiber laser project
Dec 2018 Pass LEO radiation, thermal vacuum, and 25GHz vibration space verifications of BLS module for satellite fiber optical gyro (FOG)
Nov 2018 Launch +/-10ppm high accuracy and military-level broadband light source (BLS) module for fiber optical gyro (FOG)
Sep 2018 Attend 2018 ECOC in Rome, Italy
Sep 2018 Acquire 1550nm 250uJ Pulsed controlled gain block (CGB) order for LIDAR system
Feb 2018 Launch 27dBm pulsed controlled gain block (CGB) for space application in Japanese market
Oct 2017 Launch 1064nm CW 40W fiber laser system
Sep 2017 Attend 2017 ECOC in Gothenburg, Sweden
Sep 2016 Attend 2016 ECOC in Dusseldorf, Germany
Jun 2016 Install RPU and EDFA for DWDM 10G transmission system 
Jun 2016 Explore Hungary Market with EDFA and extra broadband light source (BLS)
Mar 2016 Explore French market with polarization maintaining (PM) 33dBm EDFA
Feb 2016 Launch PM High-Power DWDM EDFA for Japanese THz transmission research

Jun 2015 Launch 10G Bright-Edge system for CATV bidirectional system
May 2015 Launch 4-ports BLS module for Space Fiber Optical Gyro application
Sep 2014 Launch 32-ports 19dBm/port high power amplifier (with WDM built-in) for FTTx PON system
Mar 2014 Deploy CWDM Bright-Edge solution in Taiwan 4G wireless network
Jan 2014 Launch 1064nm 10W CW fiber laser unit
Nov 2013 Launch 1650nm optical amplifier
Sep 2013 Launch 1550nm 5W CW fiber laser unit
Oct 2012 Launch 1260~1660nm broadband light source unit
Jun 2012 Launch 10G transponder/combo amplifier
Dec 2011 Launch 7W 808nm high power light source
Oct 2011 Launch 1550nm PM tunable fiber laser unit

May 2010 Launch 1064nm pulsed fiber laser unit
Feb 2010 Launch 1W PM YDFA
Dec 2009 Deploy 16-ports 21dBm/port high power amplifier in European PON system
Oct 2009 Deploy several thousand sets of combo amplifiers in Vietnam long-haul network
Jul 2009 Deploy semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) in Taiwanese submarine fiber network
Jan 2009 Deploy DWDM EDFAs in Singapore submarine fiber network
Dec 2008 Launch 1W YDFA
Sep 2008 Launch pulsed EDFA
May 2007 Develop PM CGB in BOTDR fiber sensing system
Oct 2006 Launch 2W EYDFA

Jul 2005 Deploy several thousands sets of RSS in Taiwanese biggest carrier access network
Mar 2005 ISO9001 certified
Jul 2004 Pass Japanese company mini DLS module audit
Feb 2004 Deploy DWDM EDFAs/Transponders in Taiwanese Petroleum Co. backbone network
Dec 2003 Deploy DWDM EDFAs in banking SAN network with Cisco and IBM Taiwan
May 2003 Deploy several thousand sets of OPS in Taiwanese carrier edge network
Jan 2002 Launch C-, L-, C+L-band broadband light source (BLS)
Apr 2001 Telecordia verified controlled gain block (CGB)/EDFA

Sep. 2000 Intelligent Gain Block/EDFA Launched
Oct. 1999 Established in Taipei, Taiwan

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